Pain management is the medical field that is involved with the management of short or long-term pain. Typically, these types of physicians and medical personnel will be employed at hospitals or clinics for the treatment of patients who have longer term problems after surgeries or other medical issues. Many facilities will specialize in the treatment of older patients or patients who have chronic injuries. Even if you have insurance it's a good idea to see a doctor that accepts medical liens that is recommended by your attorney. If the accident wasn't your fault the person who caused the accident should pay your medical bills or their insurance should pay for it. If your insurance company pays for the cost of treatment it will count towards your coverage cap and it might even drive up your premiums. But it can take time for the insurance companies to reach an agreement about who should pay. Having a medical lien takes the worry out of your medical care so that you can focus on getting better and proceeding with your case. After signing a medical lien you will be responsible for any medical costs that aren't covered by the settlement. Once your lawyer has worked out a settlement with the other person's lawyer or has gone to court to get a judgment for you the lawyer will disperse whatever money is owed to the medical providers who took care of you. Usually the medical costs are included in the settlement and do not come out of any money that is awarded to you for damages. But, if the settlement is small or your lawyer loses the case you will be responsible for paying any costs that haven't been paid. Using doctors on lien allows you to get any care that you need without getting any kind of authorization from insurance companies.